Google Docs


Google Docs is a free web-based office suite which is provided by Google. It is offered within its Google Drive Service. The best part about Google Docs is that users can create and edit documents simultaneously. Google Docs is a combination of two different products, Writely and Google Spreadsheets. It is Google’s ‘Software as a service’ office suite. With Google Docs users can create documents, spreadsheets and as well as presentations which are sent through email or imported from web interface. These documents are saved to Google’s servers automatically and so there is no fear of loss of data.

In Google Docs, documents can be edited in real time. A number of users can share, open an edit documents simultaneously. Google Docs is an exciting platform for collaboration in real time. It is basically a cloud computing document sharing service which is available free of cost for individual users but has a nominal fee for business organizations. It works in a simple yet an attractive way. A current user’s position in the Google Docs spreadsheet is shown by a particular colour/cursor and other users can view the changes being made in the document. Each user is distinguished by a specific color. The changes made in the spreadsheet needs to be searched manually. There are two ISO standard formats –Open Document and Office XML. Proprietary formats such as .doc and .xls can be viewed in the application.
Google Docs services is supported in different browsers. The recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome browsers run on Microsoft Windows, iOS and Linux operating system..