Full Text Indexing


Full-Text Search as the name suggests, is full-text search feature of the electronic document management system software, which allows users to search the contents with great ease in the contents of a document. To search, a text expression needs to be entered in the document. Full Text Search feature of the electronic Document Management Systemsoftware allows to search a single document in a full text database. The search engine searches for all the words and matches the exact text. The specific text search is different from the search send on the parts such as the titles, abstracts or selected texts in the databases. Such searches are also based on metadata.
The search can be restricted to a folder. Users may also apply various other filters which are visible in the form. The text which has been entered by the user is searched by the Document Management System software and in the other checked fields. It is important to note that special characters and any word compositions can be used.

The Full text Search also performs single character wildcard searches which is made by using the ‘?’ symbol. For instance, if you are searching for the word ‘Text’ or ‘Test’ in the document the search Tes?t can be performed. Along with the single character searches, multiple character wildcard searches can also be made which is made by using the asterisk character- ‘*’. The multiple wildcard searches, search for 0 or more characters. For example, the if the users want to search for similar words such as test, tests or tester, all they can do is run a search that of test*. It is noteworthy that users can use any kind of words composition for expression and special characters can also be used.
The full syndication feature comes with Boolean Operators. This characteristic enables users to combine terms with logic operators. The words AND “=”, OR NOT and “-“ as Boolean Operators. It is important to note that the OR operator is used as the default one which is used between two terms So, if no Boolean operator is being used, the OR operator will be used. If it is being not used, then the symbol II will be used.
The Full-text indexing search also allows ‘Grouping’ which enables users to use parentheses. With the help of parentheses clauses can be grouped for the formation of sub queries. The Grouping features proves to be very handy when the users want to control the Boolean logic for a query. The query (computational or Objects) AND Effort is used for searching for ‘Computational’ or ‘Objects’ and ‘Effort’. This search in the Document Management System software avoids any kind of confusion and it ensures that the effort is present in the document. Also, it further ensures that the other two terms also have a possibility of existing in the document.
Thus, the Full-Text syndication feature is of immense help to the users. While using the Electronic Document Management System, Full-text searches can be made with great ease by using different words and symbols.
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