EDMS Mobile


Mobile Devices have become a ubiquitous tool for facilitating easy business communication and interaction. The mobile devices have given businesses the much desired flexibility of place. EDMS mobile gives users’ instant access to their Document Management System . Online24x7’s EDMS mobile service has provided a solution to the quintessential problem of inability to instantly access a document when away from desktops and laptops. With our EDMS Mobile software, users irrespective of time and place, can access their documents stored in the repository on mobile devices such as Apple iOS devices, smartphones and Android tablets. The EDMS mobile gives users the power of instant access and retrieval of documents from mobile devices. They can easily access documents while on the go. The Document Management software translates requests changes to and from mobile devices. Search can be easily made in the documents. Users can easily email retrieved files and documents.

Online24x7 offers EDMS Mobile software that promptly connects to EDMS cloud. Our EDMS Mobile software gives users the power to connect from different devices. The EDMS mobile has different modules which cater to the various mobile devices being used by an organization. For instance, if you are an iphone user, you can easily connect to Online24x7’s EDMS Mobile Server application on their server through 3G/Wi-Fi or EDGE network. iPhone users can easily access and download documents even in Offline/Aeroplane mode. They can access the recent edits made in the document and also create shortcuts to Recent Edits. In mobile devices, users can have full integration on their iPhones. For BlackBerry devices, Online24x7’s EDMS Mobile connects through Blackberry Enterprise Server to Online24x7’s EDMS server application on your server through your mobile network.
The wireless EDMS email service enables to remote access the documents management software via email access. Online 24×7’s email service uses the Auto Profiling Technology which enables them to create documents via email or attachments. They can send documents as attachments remotely.