Document Searching


The electronic document management system enables to search for required information an retrieve it very easily. Documents can be searched instantly in the electronic document management software and documents can be retrieved with equally greater ease. Online24x7’s integrated document search technology enables users to instantly search content in a document. Information can be searched across different categories which is based upon metadata. The metadata is the user-defined information which is searched in the EDMS software. When metadata is selected, it gives instant search results.

Document version numbers can be found with great ease. It is noteworthy that information in the EDMS software is versioned. So, you users can search for a particular version number and get the desired information very quickly.
It is often seen that without a software, searching for information over shared servers proves to be a humongous task. But the document management system makes the process of searching information a quick and an easy task. Different content can be searched in documents. Users can conduct a full-text search information from emails, PDFs, graphical representations, CAD drawings and perform OCR-Optical Character Recognition search in the content. Users can lay different search criteria for searches in a document. Among various versions of information and knowledge, users can limit their search to recent versions and easily find current information. Information can be found on different set criteria such as dates, description etc. Once users have searched for a particular information in the document management software, they can search it again by saving custom searches. Also, these saved custom searches can be shared with other users.