Digital Signature


he Document Management System software comes with a tag of security. The most important concern in any software is security. The document management software is highly secure as documents can be archived and locked with Digital Signature of the particular user or users. This ensures that the document can be accessed by a particular user who is authenticated to access it. It is one of the best features of the DMS software as information and knowledge stored in folders is protected and provided security of the highest order. Therefore, data is kept highly secured in the Document Management System. Authenticity of digital documents can be created with great ease with the help of digital signatures which can be created in the electronic document management system software. Digital Signatures are actually a mathematical scheme for ensuring the authenticity of a digital document or message. Moreover, the receiver of the document or the message with the digital signature is assured of the fact that the message was sent by the particular sender and the document was not tampered with in transit.