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Check In And Check Out


The Check-In and Check-Out feature of the Document Management System software enables users to change the file of a document in the electronic document management software. Each document has an associated file which needs to be updated on a regular basis. With the help of Check-In and Check-Out. Users can make modifications in a file and ensure that the changes are not over-written. Multiple documents can be worked upon and edited simultaneously while making sure that the changes are not lost or over-written.

In the document management system, users can view the status of the documents and instantly know if users are working upon a particular document or that document is blocked. The changes or editing made can be viewed instantly. It is noteworthy that when the document is checked-out, the document is always in ‘Read-Only’ mode which refers that changes cannot be made in the document; it can only be used for searching and browsing purposes.

The Check-In and check-Out feature makes the task of collaboration for users very easy. The feature also invokes a sense of confidence among users working upon documents. The feature will ensure that the modifications made by them will not be deleted. The changes made by the user are automatically synchronized and made in the right version. In the repository (where all the documents are stored) all the previous versions of the documents are available which can be easily accessible. The list of persons who have made the changes are also available.

The Check-In and Check-Out feature of the document management system enables users to lock and unlock documents. They can instantly update a new document. The users of the EDMS software can instantly know about the users who have checked-out the document. They can only view the check-out document and not make changes in it. Only the administrators can unlock the documents in the check-out status. The Dashboard has the list of checked-out documents of the administrators. Moreover, the Check-In and Check-Out activities are tracked.