Online24x7 offers an integrated calendar into the EDMS software. The calendar which is one of the important features of the document management system software enables users to keep a tab on the important corporate events happening at a single place.

Peers can view your calendar and you can also see schedules that have been shared with you on a selection of documents. The calendar is a great tool for collaborating with colleagues. Employees can keep a track of all the events happening at the workplace and thus they can keep themselves informed of all the events. The Calendar works in a very easy way. Notifications’ about all the corporate events are sent to the concerned employee automatically. Moreover, it ensures that all the business activities are completed within the specified time period. The calendar in the electronic document management system software can enforce corporate policies. It acts as a great tool for users to help them know about their important tasks which need to be completed. Thus, users can prioritise their tasks and improve their efficiency. Important notifications in the Calendar are sent through emails. Users can also get schedule reminders through email.

In the Calendar feature of the document management system, numerous documents can be associated with one event. Similarly, various users can be associated with the same event.