Bar code Recognition


Barcode recognition feature in the Document management system adds Linear 1-D and 2-D Symbols barcode OCR capability to the EDMS software. The feature ensures high recognition accuracy on a coversheet or a standardized form. The Barcodes insert values in every document’s attribute. These barcodes populate document metadata and templates thus enabling users to automate data entry. This not only results in time saving but users can also avoid errors in the EDMS software. It adds Linear 1-D and 2-D Symbols barcode OCR capability and it supports various 1D and 2D formats. Such as (UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-8,EAN-13,Code 39,Code etc. and configures in order of appearance in the documents. It is important to note that each barcode can be processed multiple times while applying different rules.

In the Barcode feature of the EDMS software, information can be retrieved and configuration can be made for the Barcode Engine and for the templates pattern which define the policy regarding inclusion/exclusion for task operations for the Barcode processor. In the Barcode Engine Tab, users can also specify the batch size which refers to the maximum number of processed documents at every execution. Users can also specify the minimum image threshold width in pixels. All these changes can be stored. Along with the Save option, a ‘Reschedule all for Processing’ is available which enables users to re-process all documents with a valid pattern in the next task operation.
In the Barcode panel, a ‘Patterns’ Tab and a ‘Processing Queue’ is available. The former enables users to define the pattern for each template. The latter enables to see all documents that are not processed. Documents can be made unprocessed with ease.