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Features and Benefits

Simplify the process of software implementation


Online24x7 provides software solutions for the aviation industry embedded with the LEAN implementation methodology. The software is comprehensive in nature and covers a large gamut of activities including the preliminary ones such as the Conference room piloting. Our Aviation Suite also facilitates easy data collection training which is done virtually through Audio and Video Conferencing according to time zones which users find suitable. The solution also ensures optimization of Engagement schedules.

Lower your CAPEX and OPEX

Zero Cluster

Easy Cloud Deployments help in reducing the on Hardware and maintenance

Our Aviation Suite’s cloud hosted model helps in reducing the CAPEX out go to a huge extent. It also provides the much desired flexibility of payments through annual or monthly subscription fee. The biggest advantage of such a deployment is that the organization can concentrate on its core business activities and we will be engaged in the task of taking care of Hardware and maintenance with high levels of Availability, Performance and Data security. We provide upgrades too and that gives you an added advantage.

Aviation Best practices


Benefit from Pre-configured business process and Preloaded Industry standard codes

Our Aviation Suite’s state-of-art solution offers numerous features for small operators. It enables business processes to seamlessly flow as they are pre-configured and are embedded with industry standard codes from ATA, IATA and SPEC organizations. The requirement and the solution are matched so that there’s no issue in implementation. The training guides are made available which users can use without any additional re-work.

Completely Integrated M&E Solution

Integrated Solution

Control your operations, costs & manage personnel—all in a single system.

It is an open secret that the various systems introduced in the processes further add to duplication of work and create redundancy. Non-availability of information at the right time also causes huge losses. Our software solutions address such problems with greater efficiency as it provides an integrated system of Maintenance & Engineering, Purchase & Repairs Management, Warranty Tracking, Accounts Payables, Materials Management, etc. The software consists of a huge repository of pre-built reports.

Increase Adherence to Regulatory compliance

By Industry

Ensure Regulatory compliance through automated maintenance compliance engine.

The benefits which small operators get include Planning, execution and compliance tracking of all maintenance tasks from MPD, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, and Modifications. They can be easily done with the assistance of integrated Programs, Engineering and Planning & execution modules. The software facilitates a smooth flow of information which makes the compliance update process an automatic one. The small operators can easily prepare compliance reports dictated by the OEMs and Regulatory Authorities.

Increase service levels with Optimized Inventory Levels


Ensure an excellent material planning process while keeping a tab on the cost

Our software solutions for the aviation industry ensure that inventory can be maintained at optimum levels without having an effect on the service levels expected. Various function such as Part classifications, Automatic replenishments based on Min-Max, Re-order points; IT inventory analysis etc. can be done with great ease. The suite ensures that AOG situations are minimized and keeps a control on revenue leakage. Other benefits include getting detailed information on historical consumption and purchase information and vendor ratings etc. so that a thorough analysis is made before procurement.

Role-Based WorkSpaces


The role-based ‘WorkSpace’ is one of our flagship features which are intelligently incorporated into the suite. Basically, it is a set of user centric interfaces which are specifically built around every important aviation function. When it is implemented it gives a boost to the efficiency and the productivity level. The software is equipped with great visualization capabilities and a perfect combination of transaction and analytics which provides users a fresh user experience. It has an easy-to-use interface which reduces the training time on our software to a few hours!