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Features and Benefits

Dynamic Aircraft / Component configuration management


Our Aviation Suite is equipped various features of MRO & advantages of MRO. It can create different configuration structures which depend on the requirements of the customers. The software is highly flexible and it assists the record management team to define variations in customer configuration structures as per the maintenance needs. The management of customer specific alternate part list is also facilitated by the software solution.

Position Based Schedule Tracking

Our Aviation Suite consists of position based schedules which help in efficiently managing the change based on the attachment of the part to a location in the rotorcraft. The flexibility is omnipresent in the software which allows having different schedules for the same process in part to adjust automatically depending on its current location on the rotor craft.

Solution availability on tablets

Revenue loss can be prevented by giving the right information such as the costs related data during execution cycle / shop floor. Our Aviation suite provides advantages of MRO and allows for consumption reporting and time recording using tablets at the place of execution. The task of work management is made quite easy with this type of data collection process.

Increase Productivity through bar code and smart cards

A smooth workflow can be ensured if the operational reports are bar coded. Our software is designed in a similar fashion. Time and energy is saved by reducing the need for data into the system. Hence, the software is easy to use and it also reduces the task of maintaining paper documents by using smart cards for some of the functions.

Support to Part Exchange & Pooled Inventory Concepts

One of the most important requirements of the MRO operations are the Part exchanges as an efficient exchange process will ensure that service providers are able to meet TAT promised to customers. Our Aviation Solution consists of useful features of MRO such- it tracks ownership switches in inventory & on shop floor and also provides support part exchanges for meeting the promised TAT reports.

PMA parts management

Airlines operators are increasing opting for PMA parts as they are cost-efficient. But some operators do not accept PMA parts usage on their fleet. The task of maintaining stock of PMA parts as well as OEM parts is carried out by MRO providers. Users can define effective controls and thus PMA parts management can be done easily. The system is equipped to prevent the usage of PMA parts and it can also route the requests for additional approvals.

•Navigation Planning
•Weight & Balance Calculations
•Reference Manuals, Checklists, Route Maps, Runway Maps etc.
•Discrepancy Reporting and Tracking
•Integrated with Maintenance and Billing Modules

TAT Management

Any MRO service provider dreads the penalties caused by TAT violations. Our Aviation Solution is equipped to track down all the wait times and helps MRO service provider to take corrective actions on a timely basis. The complex algorithm removes all the wait times attributable to the customers. There are a number of alert mechanisms which are available in the software for preempting TAT violations.

Dynamic Task Card Management

Our Aviation Solution enables users to maintain operator specific task cards. They with the assistance of the software can comply with the maintenance procedures in accordance with the operator’s procedural manual. It also authorizes generic task/repair procedures by MRO service providers. The Work Management Cycle feature in the software is based on the contractual commitments. It is equipped to select the correct task cards for sign-off by mechanics.