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Features and Benefits

Completely Integrated M&E Solution


Have a complete control over your operations; ensure efficient personnel management- in a single system

The presence of different systems for each business function results in duplication of work and delay in business processes. Moreover, lack of availability of timely information to the business prevents tapping of potential revenue generation opportunity. Our Aviation Suite for the airlines is designed to address these and many more problems that the aviation industry faces. It offers numerous benefits for Airlines by providing an integrated system of Maintenance & Engineering, Materials Management, Purchase & Repairs Management, Warranty Tracking etc. This system makes sure that reporting is made on a timely basis as it has a repository of pre-built reports.

Advanced Visibility/ Automated Triggers for Effective Planning

Automated Triggers for Planning

Procurement of resources and materials requirement at the right time is very important for the aviation operators. Lack of availability of resources for the LCCs will instantly have a negative impact on the operations and they can suffer huge losses. Our Aviation Suite provides features of Airlines as it helps them to make an efficient resource and materials planning management which leads to an automatic process of requisitions and orders. This is done on the basis of forecasted maintenance activities for specific user defined periods. It ensures availability of material and resources.

Maintenance Personnel Work Made Easy

One stop screen for all activities of Engineers and Mechanics

Our Aviation Suite with user friendly Maintenance Execution screen enables Maintenance personnel to perform their day to day work effectively in the application without hassle. Checking stock availability, Non-Routine Reporting, Performing Component Replacement etc. are carried out in single screen without toggling between different interfaces which enables engineers and mechanics save more time amidst their busy schedule. This reduces the work pressure and increases employee satisfaction to a great extent.

Intuitive Workspaces

State of the Art Workspaces binding complete process

Our Aviation Suite has intuitive and powerful workspaces for conducting critical modules such as Technical Records, Stores Operations, Procurement Operations, Receivables Management, Invoice Management, Resource Planning etc. It helps the LCC to keep pace with the demanding and complex work process. Our Aviation Workspaces are designed to perform transactional activities and analytics which provide important information required for taking crucial decisions on the managerial level. It helps the operators to compete with their rivals.

Power by Hours & Materials Contract Management

Simplified Solutions for Complex Contracts

Low Cost Carriers have different Aircraft and Part Contracts for strategic reasons. They are also required for managing maintenance activities efficiently such as Power By Hour (PBH), Fixed price repair agreements and Exchange agreements. Our software solution is embedded with a dynamic Procurement module clubbed together with the function of Inventory management. It leads to efficient tracking of maintenance object (Aircrafts, Engines, Landing gears.etc.) serial wise on the basis of respective contracts.

Increase Adherence to Regulatory compliance

Ensure Regulatory compliance through automated maintenance compliance engine

Our software solution is equipped to perform numerous functions and provide a number of benefits for the Airlines. Functions such as Planning, execution and keeping a track of the performance of all the maintenance tasks which are imperative for smooth functioning of airlines’ operations can be carried out efficiently. Other operations such as MPD, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, Modifications can be easy with the help of integrated programs, Engineering, planning and execution modules in the aviation Suite. The suite ensures a smooth and consistent flow of information which automates the process of compliance updates. Airlines can easily prepare compliance reports dictated by the OEMs and Regulatory Authorities.