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Engine MROs

Industry Challenge


The aviation industry deals with a number of sophisticated machinery and equipment and their complicated engines. They need great care and caution while handling during their disassembly, Inspection and Assembly processes. The process needs to be complied with the current revisions that are in progress as per the OEM’s instructions.

The engine comprises of various systems such as fan modules, core, module assemblies etc. A great understanding of the working of the subsystems, their removal and knowledge about the existing parts are available to full-fill the demand etc. The MRO facilities also need to have a clear classification of the repair of the removed components as to whether, the process will be done will be done internally or externally. The Engine MRO activities are highly complicated and thus, the aviation business cannot afford to make any mistake as it can lead to a sharp increase in the cost and have a negative impact on the delivery. Some conditions have to be avoided at any cost such as:

  • Delaying/putting off the forecasting as it will lead to non-availability of the required on time.
  • The aviation business cannot have a poor Material Management process as it will lead to losses.
  • They cannot have Non-Standard “Work Scopes” and should not maintain Inaccurate Engine Configuration in the Main Stream MRO.
  • The absence of the Ownership of the parts removed has to be fixed.
  • The aviation business cannot have inefficient processes track and trace parts.

All the aforementioned aviation industry challenges have to be met with an aggressive approach and efficient integration of processes, people (OEMS, third part providers & vendors) and technology is available.

Online24x7, offers an Aviation Suite Series 5 which is a complete solution for various operations that include Maintenance & Engineering, Human Resource Management and Finance solutions. These functions are inter-connected and work together in harmony to provide the desire results thereby making the MRO facilities a profitable venture.