Small Operators

Small Operators


The complexity of the maintenance of the Aircraft systems has been one of the biggest challenges for the aviation industry. Their Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Engineering (M&E /MRO) of Aircraft, their subsystems and ongoing SB/AD from OEM/Regulatory agencies makes the task equally difficult for the small operators as compared to the big operators. It is noteworthy that there’s no big difference in the regulatory requirements which former have to comply with as compared to latter. The biggest hurdle the former have to face from time to time is that of leveraging the benefits of main stream full suite aviation software solutions because of the huge cost involved and the time factor is also an obstacle in integrating the full-fledged solutions. In such a scenario, they have to depend on the local IT solutions.
Other challenges involve the increasing fuel costs and the overwhelming maintenance costs. These operators have to function with resources including limited human capital which is equipped with multitasking capabilities so that the customers can be served with excellence. The full time involvement of the staff directly affects the costs.

Our aviation software solution enables small operators to access an enterprise level maintenance & engineering IT solution by using Our Aviation Series 5 Suite. The suite is equipped to manage an array of functions which include Management accounting Materials Management, Payables Management, maintenance planning, line, hangar, shop and engine maintenance, reliability, and technical records. The software brings a lot of efficiency in the process of tracking license and skills, Purchasing, Inventory, warranty etc. The Finance module enables the operators to efficiently payments to vendors and track costs with a reliable process of management accounting.
Our software solution is available on Cloud and is equipped with LEAN implementation methodologies which give the operators to reap the benefits of comprehensive mainstream (M&E /MRO) which is available at a nominal annual or monthly subscription fee.


  • Our Aviation software solution is comprehensive in nature and gives the small operators the benefits of full suit at a nominal cost.
  • It helps in saving a large amount of financial resources with useful features such as real-time global warranty and parts tracking. The AOG time is cut down to a large extent.
  • The software comprises of Intuitive ‘one screen does it all’ concept known as the WorkSpace which reduces the resource training time and gives a boost to the productivity level.
  • The software solution is compatible with all iOS & android devices thus hives flexibility of place to users to manage processes with ease.
  • The operators can instantly go Live after procuring the software. There are no implementation and maintenance costs. Moreover, no upfront infrastructure expenses are required. All is needed low recurring IT expenses!