Main Stream MROs/ Engine MRO software solutions

Main Stream MROs/ Engine MRO software solutions


Aviation asset maintenance is a highly capital intensive process. It requires huge execution facilities and skilled labor to do the job with perfection and also particular types of specialized equipments are required in the process. The operators have to make efforts to keep the maintenance costs low. So, maintenance operations are complex and require a dedicated labor & machinery directed solely towards the maintenance of the aircrafts. Therefore, aviation operators are increasingly outsourcing these services to achieve the desired results.
Outsourcing helps the airline operators to keep the maintenance cost low and they can make sure that these costs do not spiral out of the allocated budget in the long run. They are able to achieve lower capital investment on maintenance facilities and increase the operational efficiency. All this is done by cautiously leveraging of the service provider’s core competencies.

These days MRO service providers have been given the responsibility of the maintenance of different types of data so that the airline operators can regularly comply with the existing rules and regulations. It requires a robust internal process that can offer total care programs to on-request maintenance.
The Engine MRO, Main Stream MRO solutions help to achieve the goals and objectives of the operators in a particular time period.
Today, innovative models are being designed which enable operators to get the otherwise elusive zero inventory and adopt a JIT strategy. MRO service providers are ensuring that the TAT they give to the customers is the best they can offer. This helps them to curb any losses occurring due to violation in the TAT. The software solution streamlines the whole process and monitors the execution of the operations and the results achieved closely.
Our Aviation M&E/MRO Solution for MROs assists the Aviation MRO Industry in streamlining process intensive activities, achieving optimization in operations and maintaining economics. The solution helps in keeping the turnaround times to a minimum and improving the level of customer satisfaction to a great extent. All these advantages lead to increased profits and a better turnover. Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers are increasingly using our Engine MRO, Main Stream MRO solutions.


  • The main stream MRO helps in reduces the TAT violation to half and reduces the Inventory holding costs up to 20%.
  • It acts as a centralized Web based solution from which stakeholders including customers can easily access information.
  • The electronic data exchange through the software solution speeds up the processes and makes them more efficient.
  • With the help of the software, bills can be immediately dispatched to the customers.
  • Different factors of production can be tracked such as material, labor and a comprehensive view of the expenses incurred can be achieved. This helps in prevention of loss of revenue.