Aviation asset maintenance is a herculean task as it requires a huge amount of capital and large execution facilities. To meet these challenges, the operators have started outsourcing these operations. Outsourcing is an attempt to curb the maintenance related expenses. It offers a number of advantages to the operators that help them to reduce the capital investments on maintenance facilities and enables them to increase the efficiency of the operations by leveraging the competencies of the service provider.

Though the main responsibility of the maintenance of the aircrafts is that of the airline operators, MRO services providers are required to maintain various types of data to ensure regulatory compliance. There is an increasing demand to provide complete care programs and on-request maintenance programs. To achieve the desired results, quick internal process has to be put in place.

We, at Online 24×7, provide Main Stream MRO solutions that prove to be of great assistance to the airline operators. The software solution enables operators to work towards zero inventories and eventually achieve it. It also helps them to adopt a JIT strategy. MRO have to provide the best TAT to its customers and a violation of which will lead to loss of revenue. Our software solution ensures a streamlined processes and an excellent monitoring system to prevent any unwanted situation.

Our Engine MRO, Main Stream MRO solution helps to meet the challenges which the Aviation MRO Industry often face such as optimizing operational and maintenance economics, streamlining processes, minimizing turnaround times, achieving excellence while serving customers and last, but not the least, increasing the revenue. Our software solutions are increasingly being used in Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.


    • The MRO helps in achieving 50% reduction in TAT violation along with an approximate 20% reduction in Inventory holding costs.
    • Our software provides easy flow of information which is accessible to all stakeholders/ customers.
  • The exchange of data through electronic form makes the information sharing process faster.
  • The software ensures that the bill are dispatched to the clients on time.
  • The software also ensures that any sort of revenue drain can be checked on time with the tracking of the performance of the resources and keeping an eye on the expenses incurred.
  • The aviation suite makes sure that rational Flow of Materials, Tools etc. is done and the Turnaround time ( TAT) is kept consistent at all levels.
  • The software improves the process of Maintenance Planning, ensures better Service levels and minimizes the Inventory.
  • The software solution enables efficient recording & tracking of Engine Configuration.
  • The software solution gives users a complete control on parts with different ownerships.
  • It is embedded with real-time global warranty and parts tracking. It enables operators to save a large amount of money that would otherwise be spent in warranty cost and they can also cut down AOG time.
  • The software is vast in nature and covers a gamut of functions such as efficient management of quotation handling, maintenance planning and maintenance execution and takes care of configuration management and supply chain logistics etc.