Commercial Airlines

Commercial Airlines


Commercial Airlines often find themselves in neck-deep challenges which they have to thwart on regular basis in order to serve thousands of customers in an efficient way. Dealing with multiple flight operations is a herculean task and involves a fortune in terms of expenditure & revenue. A large amount of data has to be managed and requires a great deal of caution in doing so as the data is quite complex in nature. Fleet maintenance needs large system software that can streamline various processes and can effortless integrate into the existing systems.

Online24x7 offers ERP for Airlines which meets the requirements of the airlines and helps the aviation industry to get a considerable boost in the efficiency in all its operations. Not only the aviation business can improve the processes but also expand business to rake into more profits with the help of the software. Our Suite is designed to give the aviation business a great visibility of its business operations. It enables them to keep a check on revenue leakage and prevent any kind of inefficiency that might be draining the funds. The software facilitates consistent flow of information that helps the aviation industry to get a complete view of the business operations. It also assists in better decision making.

Basically, our suite is a web-centric software solution that can either be installed on premise or installed on cloud. The former helps in optimizing the internal exiting systems and the latter gives peace of mind and an effortless way to install the software within a secure and reliable delivery framework. The software covers a large number of operations from maintenance to purchasing, inventory management to engineering. Its scope is large and thus assures that all the operations covered are streamlined. They can be easily measured and monitored with the assistance of analytics that are available in the software. Moreover, the software is flexible in nature and easily adapts to the changes in the market requirements and the consumers demands. It is highly accommodative of the new and changing business processes.

•The ERP for Airlines triggers significant improvements in the processes. It helps in improving the operational control and assists in cost management
•With the help of the software, the aviation industry can keep a track of the condition of the aircrafts and their components with a greater degree of precision
•With the assistance of the software, the aviation industry can easily comply with regulatory report submission requirements. The otherwise cumbersome task is done in an effortless manner.
•The software consists of user customizable reports which help in meeting the requirements pertaining to the periodic/ monthly reports that ought to be created for EASA; DGAC; CAA; FAA and JAR amongst others
•The aviation industry can operate easily along with the supplier-Spec 2000 and other e-business models for Procurement and Repair
•The software improves operational efficiency tremendously by integrating processes across various departments. It reduces human intervention and thus reduces human errors too.
•It also provides flexible commercials and contract structuring
•With the software, Commercial airlines can create reports quickly and measure performance easily
•The software has an easy UI which guides users to perform transactions in a short period of time.
•The software’s LEAN Model accelerated implementation timelines gives quick results