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Online24x7 provides robust HCM software that addresses the Human Capital Management requirements right from recruitment to retirement of the employees.

Workforce Management

Workforce management is an important component of a business. The efficient management helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. In adverse business environment, organizations are still expected to deliver to the shareholders on time. Moreover, they have to resort to cost-cutting, work with reduced human capital and still maintain a certain level of growth whilst grabbing new channels of revenue. All this is possible with well-organized workforce management.

Recruitment Management

Our HCM software’s recruiting functions help organizations in scouting the best talent and ensuring along lasting association with the employees while keeping a tab on the sourcing costs. The software solution covers numerous HCM functions that cover staffing requirements, shortlisting of profiles of the prospective candidates, talent acquisition, induction of new employees etc.

Talent Management

Talent Management is a crucial component of the HCM function. The workforce has to adapt to the changing requirements of the customers, emerging market trends and volatile market environment. Thus, it is important to plan the talent requirement in advance and lay due emphasis on the best talent acquisition which can easily blend into the existing business environment and contribute towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, employee retention is also very important and employee movement also needs to be facilitated to achieve optimum utilization of the employees.

Employee Development

The complete training and development process of the employees comprising of different functions such as maintenance of the faculty, program modules, courses, monitoring employees’ participation, feedback etc. Employee training has to be designed to address any skill set missing in the performance of the employee which can help them deliver with proficiency.

Payroll & Benefits

Our HCM software is embedded with different functionalities that handle payroll processing. Rules pertaining to payroll processing can be created in the software and payroll management can be done accordingly. Rules can be created for payroll processing for Earnings, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance etc.

Workforce Planning

Planning is of paramount importance for the successful management of the Human Capital. Our HCM software helps in simplifying the planning of the processes involved in the Workforce Planning, Career Planning & Succession Planning modules.



With increased awareness and exposure to the world through the ubiquitous platform of internet, consumers are compelling companies to provide them customised user experience. The extensive usage of mobile devices and fast adoption of technology has made the consumer more vigilant in terms of the quality of goods and services being served to him. Therefore, it has become necessary for organizations to equip users with intuitive and highly interactive technologically advanced apps. Our software addresses this need efficiently. Our Enterprise Applications on Cloud offers apps that are easily usable and which are based on the concept of ‘MUSIC’.

Cloud Benefits

Our HCM software is cloud-enabled, thus it can be easily deployed. Moreover, there are no huge expenses required for deployment and it can be accessed from anywhere.

Global Payroll

Reducing payroll costs has become a concern for organizations with a global footprint. Multinationals have to face the challenge of accurate computation of payroll for different geographical locations and also that of complying with the statutory rules & regulations of different countries in which their business is operating. Our HCM software gives companies a unified payroll processing system that enables them to run payroll on easy-to-use single interface.